Re-imagining Cloud Security With Orca’s SideScanning™ Technology

The only agentless cloud-native security platform


Agent-based Solutions Just Don’t Work In The Cloud

Agents limit your ability to deploy and scale at the speed of cloud

Agents mean asking your already overworked DevOps teams for tedious per-workload integrations. The result? High TCO, gaps in coverage, unnecessary overhead, and organizational friction.

Adding new VMs and containers may be super-fast, but agent installations and integrations will slow you down.

Solve this problem by using Orca’s agentless SideScanning technology.

Orca’s Turning Cloud Security On Its Side

Integrate once – secure forever

Installing and maintaining agents is inefficient. So, Orca invented a radical new agentless approach to cloud security, called SideScanning.

SideScanning enables Orca to secure your infrastructure, without going inside any workloads for inspection. 100% of your assets are covered using an out-of-band process, without agents.

This includes your VMs, containers, and serverless as well as all your cloud infrastructure resources like storage buckets, security groups, VPCs, IAM roles and permissions, KMS keys, and much more. Not a single packet is sent over the network, nor does a single line of code run in your environment.

How Does It Work?

Unlike agents, which sit inside your workloads, SideScanning collects data externally, with read-only access, from the workloads’ runtime block storage.

This data is then combined with cloud configuration metadata via APIs to build a fully contextualized asset inventory and perform a holistic security assessment of your entire cloud estate.

Orca takes daily snapshots outside your running environment, so there’s no downtime, no risk to operations, and no missing data.

Full runtime analysis of everything contained in the workload

Orca accesses the bytes at the block storage level and reconstructs the file system – operating system, applications, and data in a virtual read-only view. All this is done in near real-time and used for security analysis, without any performance overhead.

Up And Running In Mere Minutes

Mitigate risks you never thought existed

After a quick and simple one-time deployment process and initial scan, you’ll be able to detect and act on the most important security risks that you were previously blind to in the workload and in the cloud configuration itself.

One Platform, Multiple Tools

No need to cobble together disjointed tools

Orca detects the most critical security risks, at every layer of your cloud estate.

Within minutes, Orca surfaces malware, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, leaked and weak passwords, lateral movement risk, sensitive data, and much more.

100% Coverage, 100% Visibility, 100% Of The Time

Orca will cover every resource that exists, and every resource that’s added in the future. Automatically and continuously. This includes orphaned, idle, paused, or stopped workloads.


Intelligence Powered By Context

No more siloed decision making

Orca combines intelligence from deep inside workloads with cloud configuration details. This lets Orca determine the context necessary to understand your cloud environment, in its entirety.

Workloads are never considered individually or in silos. Instead, Orca assesses their location and context in relation to other workloads and uses this deep insight to drive decisions.