Encrypted File Sharing

Drona Labs offers PreVeil encrypted file-storage and file-sharing solution.

PreVeil Drive enables end-to-end encrypted file sharing and storage.

Users can access files stored on Drive from any of their devices or share files with other users with desired access permissions.

Encrypt and Store

With PreVeil Drive, your files and folders are automatically encrypted on your device and stored in the cloud.

Unlike Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox, who always have access to your data, only you and the people with whom you’ve explicitly shared files can decrypt them. Nobody else. Not even PreVeil.


All your files are available at any time on any of your computers, smartphones or tablets. Any changes you make to your files on one device are automatically synched to all your devices.


Easily invite others to view or edit your encrypted files.

Easy to Use

PreVeil Drive is easy to use and automatically integrates with Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder. PreVeil is available for Windows, Mac and smartphones.

Built for Organizations

PreVeil Drive comes with a rich suite of enterprise tools for admins to manage their organizations, including provisioning users, controlling device access, reviewing activity logs, unsharing files and exporting data for eDiscovery.