Preveil - Secure Email

Email Clients

Drona Labs offers PreVeil secure email.

PreVeil Email lets you send and receive encrypted emails using your existing email address.

It can integrate with mail clients like Outlook, Gmail, and the Mail app for Macintosh, and also works on browsers and mobile devices.

A Better Security Paradigm

Messages and attachments are encrypted directly on your device and are only decrypted on the recipient’s device so only the sender and recipients can read them. Even when an attacker compromises the server, they get only gibberish.

There are no passwords to steal. And exploiting an administrator won’t compromise the organization’s data. Organizations can restrict email access to trusted communities which virtually eliminates common phishing and spoofing attacks.

Compatible with Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail

When PreVeil Email is used with Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail, the installation process creates a new set of mailboxes for your encrypted messages. Messages in these new mailboxes are encrypted and stored on PreVeil’s servers.

There’s no change to the mailboxes that were already in your mail program and no impact to the servers that store your regular, insecure messages.

PreVeil Mobile App

The PreVeil Mobile App allows users to send and receive encrypted email on mobile devices (as well as store and retrieve data from PreVeil Drive.

Users can be notified the instant new messages arrive.  Biometric authentication (if supported on the device) ensures that only the intended user can send and receive messages.  The PreVeil Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Web PreVeil

Web PreVeil allows users to send and receive encrypted email without installing software on a computer.

Sometimes it’s necessary to communicate with people in organizations whose computers are blocked from installing software. Or one may be using a shared or public computer that shouldn’t be trusted. Web PreVeil utilizes a user’s private key stored in the PreVeil Mobile App on a phone to temporarily enable encryption and decryption of email messages in a browser running on a computer.


Many organizations have to comply with requirements to archive and access email messages at an organizational level. An employee may need to be investigated. Litigation and subsequent e-discovery requires mass export of email messages. Governmental compliance rules may dictate continuous archival of all email traffic.

PreVeil’s data export feature supports the decryption and export of data associated with certain users and dates but only after cryptographic authorization from a pre-determined set of approvers. This allows organizational access of information without causing each administrator to become a central point of vulnerability. PreVeil also supports automatic archiving to popular services like Global Relay.