SaaS Development

Drona Labs build cloud and mobile-based applications to fulfill the client’s vision for their business’ presence, communication, and interactions online. Our business-oriented approach results in great digital experiences. We can assist you with all of your
application development needs. Here are some of our key areas of expertise:

Product Management

Our team brings our extensive experience of visualizing and creating new products in multiple industries. We do a thorough business analysis, evaluate the business model and product-market fit followed by finalizing the product strategy & product roadmap.

Product Development

We identify the correct technology stack after evaluating the security, reliability and performance requirements of the new product idea. We then develop the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) first to test product-market fit in the real world.

We keep adding new features and functions to the product as the product gains traction. Our development approach & process ensures that the product stays enterprise-grade on all key metrics.


We deploy and support the product on cloud infrastructure. We ensure that the product exceeds the enterprise grade standards on security, scalability and reliability. We also provide data management services to ensure data quality for both master data and transactional data.

Business Applications

Our team has extensive experience in delivering applications in the following domains:

  • Human Resources Management (Recruiting, eLearning, Compliance, Surveys etc.)
  • Mobile Workforce Enablement (for processes to support last mile delivery)
  • Business Process Management (Vendor Management, Content Management Systems etc.)