Cyber Security Services

Drona Labs offers comprehensive services for the detection, analysis, design, integration and operation of secure information systems tailored to your needs. Our solutions include processes, technologies, and systems needed to ensure the safety of networks, applications and sensitive data from malicious attacks. We also provide managed services for IT and security operations. Some of our offerings include: 

Security Incidents Analysis & Response

The solution provides regular security checks of your assets. Even if you regularly identify and eliminate weaknesses and periodically train your employees and specialists, assets can be compromised, nevertheless. If a security incident occurs, you need to be able to react quickly and properly. Execute an in-depth analysis, identify the potential extent of damage, identify the cause, capture the evidence, and perform remedy.

Security Audit of Virtual Environment

We perform a detailed audit of various virtualization platforms in on-premise environment as well as in the cloud. Detecting bottlenecks, security risks, and critical bugs in virtual systems is a time-consuming, but necessary task. After the initial audit and documentation of the topology/network, we create automation scripts to carry out the audit on a regular basis. Automatization of security audit helps eliminate threats in real time, reduces time required to analyze them, offers immediate solutions, and constantly maintains systems at audit-ready quality level.

Detection of IT Infrastructure Vulnerabilities‚Äč

Periodic scanning and assessment of infrastructure vulnerabilities provides valuable information about the current security posture of systems, and then offers opportunities to increase level of security. Thanks to the early detection of vulnerabilities, we can achieve higher overall security and thus a reduction of risk. As a result, systematic reporting from vulnerability scanning is used to design and deploy countermeasures to mitigate risk.